3 Ways To Make Your Work Week Productive

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One of the most dreaded thoughts for a 9-5 worker is the thought of resuming to work on Monday. After having a swell time over the weekend, the thought of Monday morning is enough to cause mental stress. This unnecessary worry can be prevented through adequate planning and preparation. Here are 3 tips to help you stay productive throughout the week.

1. Have specific weekly goals and prioritize

Get a notepad and write a list of what you wish to accomplish during the week. You can use Microsoft word, a note taking app or good old notebook. The most important thing is to have it written down. Prioritize your tasks in order not to lose focus or do the right thing at the wrong time. Distractions might come up but having a to-do list will save the day. Ensure your to-do list is specific and attainable within the stipulated time frame.

2. Get your outfits ready

Sunday is the best time to plan for this. Try as much as possible to get your clothes from Monday to Friday ready. Wipe your shoes and also arrange your bag (especially if you are a lady). This is necessary to avoid worrying about what to wear every morning and will also save tremendous time. So check the weather and weekly schedule, this will help you put together a great wardrobe for your week.

3. Track your progress

One of the indisputable benefits of a checklist is that it helps to get essential things done. A checklist will help you to track and monitor the progress of your specific tasks for the week. Follow your checklist daily and evaluate your result at the end of the week to know how well you have been able to stick to your plans. Remember, you cannot manage what you cannot measure.

Your weekly activities don’t have to be overwhelming. Follow these 3 steps and watch your productivity skyrocket.


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