4 Ways To Win Your Customers Trust On Social Media

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When your audience and customers trust you, they are more likely to buy from you and recommend your products and services to their friends. This continuous cycle helps your business thrive and gain more awareness, but the reverse will be the case if your customers do not trust you. 

As hard as it is to gain trust, it’s a lot easier to lose it. Bill McDermott, The CEO of ServiceNow understood this when he said; 

“Trust is the ultimate human currency. It’s earned in drops, lost in buckets.” 

The process of building and winning customers’ trust online has to be consistent, sincere, and strategic. There is no magical way to win trust overnight, but there are several deliberate steps to take to achieve it.

Let’s talk about 4 practical ways to help you better understand how to win the trust of your customers…

  • Provide Valuable And Practical Information

An entrepreneur who intends to build trust and a long-term relationship with customers has to initially prioritize providing value over making profits. While trying to market your products and services, ensure you are bringing value to the table for your customers, upload educative contents, share DIY tips relating to your niche, or provide solutions to a problem.

You need to give them a reason to come to your page and spend time on it. However, you shouldn’t make the mistake of making promises you cannot keep, or giving timelines you cannot meet up with… just so you can impress your audience. You have to be practical and realistic with your promises so they respect and trust your word.

  • Be Accessible

Customers often have questions about products and services, and if they don’t get timely answers, they move to the next available dealer or service provider. The more inaccessible you are, the more you tend to lose credibility. Be as accessible as much as possible. Start an online community, create engaging posts, engage in people’s posts, allow them to interact with you, and be readily available to respond to their inquiries. You could also try exploring live videos, so your followers get to enjoy the thrill of getting undiluted content from your page. Most importantly, don’t hide your face. Be available to your customers when they need you.

  • Be Human.

Research has proven that showing their human side has helped brands and businesses gain more credibility online. No customer wants to patronize a robot-like agency who only cares about their money. They want to be able to connect with you and want to know that you care about them too. 

Give them a sneak peek into what goes on behind the scene, help them understand your processes, share your findings over the years so they can learn from it. The more you show them you feel what they feel and help them feel comfortable with you, the easier it is to earn their trust.

  • Be Active And Consistent

For your audience to recognize your brand, you must be active and consistent. Consistency allows you to grow in audience engagement and reach. From the tone of voice used in messages to the aesthetics of your profiles, you need to be recognizable to gain traction among your intended audience.

Be active and consistent on your selected social media platforms so you can foster great customer relationships with your followers.

What other way have you been using to win customer’s trust on social media? let us know in the comments. 


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