5 Social Media Marketing Misconceptions

Social media is no doubt one of the greatest inventions of man. Over the years, Social Media Marketing has proven beneficial to all and sundry that has a business online. 

Although, while some individuals and companies invest substantial time and resources into social media marketing and get great returns from their investment, some are still doubting the effectiveness of social media marketing. This is a result of some misconceptions they’ve had about it.

Let’s jump on some of these misconceptions and get them cleared up.

Misconception #1: All You Have To Do Is Post

This is a popular notion among many entrepreneurs who want to market their business on social media. social media marketing goes way deeper than posting pictures of your products online. it requires proper planning, actionable strategies, and consistent analytics tracking. While posting engaging content consistently is vital for success in social media marketing, it is not the only thing that needs to be done, other activities are just as important.

Misconception #2: You Need To Be Active On All Platform

Social media marketing requires intentional and strategic actions. It is therefore vital to select the best platform to reach your desired customers. The time and resources spent on social media is precious and should not be wasted on the wrong platform. As part of your social media marketing plan, selecting the appropriate platforms should be a top priority. This is because it is better to be on one platform and be performing well than to be inactive on four different platforms. Do your research, figure out which of the platforms suit your products and services, and the platforms your prospects are spending their time on. This will save you a lot of time and wasted resources.

Misconception #3: Social Media Is Cheap

Some entrepreneurs assume social media marketing is cheap, while others assume it is free. Contrary to that notion, social media marketing requires as many resources as other forms of digital marketing. Creating visual content, brainstorming campaign ideas, consistent posting, engaging followers, writing compelling copies, and running sponsored adverts are not free nor cheap, therefore, they should always be included in the budget.

Misconception #4: Anyone Can Handle Social Media Marketing

Knowing how to post on social media or reading up articles about algorithms doesn’t make one a social media expert.

Social media marketing requires expertise and skilled knowledge that can only be attained by years of hands-on practice and in-depth knowledge of the platforms. If the task of positioning a brand online to attract customers is left to a novice or an unskilled personnel, the process will be unproductive. 

To get the best from social media marketing, a brand needs to outsource or hire an expert to take up the responsibilities. Social media marketing is a serious investment and should always be left to experts to handle.

Misconception #5: Large Following Figure Is Equivalent To Large Following

A large following figure should not be a metric for success on social media. This is so because some brands end up buying followers to have the prestige of having millions of followers on social media. Unfortunately, these followers end up as ghost followers and do not engage in posts. 

Most social media users are now tech-savvy, so it is easy to detect bot followers from real followers through their response and engagement rate. This kind of situation can make your potential customers label you as fake or damage the trust they have in you. Grow Organically!

Embarking on social media marketing with all of these lingering misconceptions in mind can hinder the success of your efforts. 

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