5 Steps To Build A Successful Online Business

The new media age has allowed all and sundry to successfully venture into online businesses and make profits just like traditional businesses. If you’re still struggling with getting your business to thrive online, the following steps are for you.


Before you can embark on building a successful online business venture, you need to have a selected viable niche. This is because being a jack of all trades will only wear you out and restrict you from getting very far in your business venture. However, you can be a master in any particular niche of your choice and thrive in it. 

To properly choose a niche you can thrive in, you just need to:

(a) Figure out your interests,

(b) Identify the problem you want to solve, 

(c) Create a solution, and 

(d) Determine the profitability of your solution. 

Finding a profitable niche is the first bold step to building a successful online business.


This is often where many businesses get it wrong, they offer amazing products and services, but lack a target audience. Defining your target audience is an indisputable component of any business strategy. You can’t possibly sell to everyone; there should always be a particular set of people you’re targeting. Identify your target market and create a customer profile. This will help you to analyze their needs, determine the market size, and come up with strategies to enable you to beat your competitors.


The two steps mentioned above don’t matter if you’re marketing via the wrong platform. Select the social media platform that works best for your niche so you can leverage its available opportunity and thrive by taking the right steps. 

Here’s an instance; fashion entrepreneurs who need to always showcase pictures and videos of their works need to utilize platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or even Pinterest… to name a few, while someone who is a writer or a coach can make use of platforms like Medium, or better still dive into email marketing. The bottom line is whichever platform you decide to use must be one your ideal audience already uses.


Writing copies that sell should always be a top priority for any business owner who wants to thrive online. From the first word of the copy to the last, the focus must be on how the product or service is distinctively able to solve the problem of the readers or improve their lives. 

A copy that will convert must:

(a) Arouse interest and increase curiosity with a compelling headline, 

(b) Establish your business’s credibility, 

(c) Form an emotional connection with the reader, 

(d) Make a guarantee, and 

(e) Prompt the audience to take action.


No one wants to patronize a robot-like brand, neither are people attracted to businesses that don’t care about them and are all about making money off them. 

You need to show your customers that you care about them and feel their pain. This can be done by engaging in conversations with them, responding swiftly to their messages and comments, and by sharing behind the scenes pictures or videos from your business.

Humanizing your brand will also help you gain the trust of your customers. Read more on how you can gain your customer’s trust here



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