5 Ways To Stay Relevant On Social Media

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Social media is a world of its own, and with its vast body expanding by the day, several modifications are being introduced daily. Several individuals and brands are also becoming tech-savvy. According to backlinko.com, About 3.81 billion social media users are active worldwide, with an average figure of about 2 million new users joining daily. 

Social media has also proven to be a dynamic and productive world for its users. As a brand that wants to thrive on social media and leverage its vital resources, it is necessary to exhibit the same dynamic nature and flow with it to stay relevant and make more profit online. 

Let’s go on a short ride to understand how to stay relevant on social media.


Investing in personal and professional growth is one of the surest ways to achieve exponential growth for your brand. It should be a top priority because not only will it yield great profit in the future, but also substantial returns for the present. Here are some of the several ways to invest in your brand or yourself:

  • Attending training and seminars relating to your niche,
  • Read books, articles, publications to develop your skills, 
  • Attend networking events and conferences, 
  • Prioritize self-care (Take good care of your self),
  • Take mandatory breaks to increase productivity, and
  • Have a business coach or mentor. 

It’s never too early to start investing in yourself. Self-investment is necessary if you want to remain relevant in your niche on social media. 


Social media is a two-way conversational medium. No brand on social media is an island. It is, therefore, necessary to humanize your brand and build connections to stay relevant on social media irrespective of the consistent changes occurring in the digital sphere. 

Personalizing your brand is an effective way to build connections on social media. Personalization will help foster trust with your existing customers, make your brand more relatable, and increase your chances of getting referrals. 

Acknowledging social media mentions, responding to messages, and engaging with other people in your niche will also boost your connections on social media and keep your brand relevant. Building connections shouldn’t end with your customers. You can also foster relationships with people outside your network.


That top influencer or mentor in your niche that you can’t but visit their page daily has been possibly providing constant answers to your questions or solving problems that you find difficult, which has made them indispensable to you.

You also can be relevant and indispensable in your niche on social media by being helpful to others. Focus more on how you can help and not what you can get. Providing answers to questions and solutions to problems will keep your audience glued to your page and help you build a community of active and loyal followers.


Posting vague content that people cannot relate to is one of the major causes of low engagement on social media. Unrelatable content chases potential customers and fans away and, for a brand that wants to leverage all available opportunities on social media and remain relevant, this isn’t the content pattern to adopt. 

Always ensure the contents you share are not only relatable but also interesting enough to attract your target audience and keep them glued to your page. As a brand, you need to conduct tests to figure out what kind of content works best for your target audience, identify the type of content they engage with it, and deliver such content in a simpler, and more interesting manner. Always and tweak your content to resonate with your audience.


Social media is an innovative ground, and with every feature or performance-upgrade, comes new tools with features to help you thrive with those updates. Therefore, to stay thriving on social media, you need to stay updated on modern tools being rolled-out for optimum social media performance.

How have you been staying on top of your game on social media? 

Let us know in the comments. 


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