Amazing Social Media Checklist For Entrepreneurs

Social media is one of the critical parts of any business strategy. However, Success on social media doesn’t happen by accident, it requires deliberate action, strategy, and commitment. To thrive on social media as an entrepreneur, there has to be a goal and a set of laid out steps to help achieve those goals. Below is a checklist every entrepreneur should have to thrive on social media;

  1. REPLY ALL COMMENTS AND MESSAGES:  Check your inbox from time to time for new messages and comments. The ability to give meaningful responses to messages and comments is one of the best steps to building a great relationship with your followers. Turning on push notification will help stay on top of this, and enable you to give quick responses as the messages arrive.
  1. MONITOR YOUR PAGE FOR TAGS AND MENTIONS: Social media users use mentions and tags as a means of reaching out, therefore they should not be overlooked. Check for mentions and tags at least once a day, and reply or repost as necessary.
  1. CHECK OUT FOR TRENDS IN YOUR NICHE: This activity should be on the daily To-Do of every entrepreneur who wants to thrive on social media. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors you should keep up with trends. Monitor changes around your niche, and effect changes in your social media strategy concerning your findings, as soon as you can. You cannot beat your competitors if you’re outdated. Always keep yourself informed and in the loop.
  1. ENGAGE ON POSTS FROM OTHER USERS: This means liking, sharing, or dropping comments on content from your fans, or other entrepreneurs. This activity helps to boost engagement. It is also a great way to build a lasting relationship between you and your followers.

  1. POST ACTIONABLE AND VALUABLE CONTENT: As an entrepreneur on social media, your goal should always be providing content that has value. If it won’t inform or educate your audience, don’t do it… It’s as simple as that. Uploading valueless content can make you appear as a joke, and make you lose the respect of your audience. Remember, no one will patronize an entrepreneur they don’t respect. So always aim to provide value.
  1. REVIEW YOUR CONTENT BEFORE PUBLISHING: Double-check your copies for spelling errors. Check your links if they are working or not. Ensure your videos, graphics, and images are of great quality. Never upload content without being 100% sure you’ve made all the necessary adjustments and corrections. Errors, no matter how irrelevant they might seem, can cause great havoc and make you appear incompetent.
  1. MONITOR YOUR ANALYTICS:  Run your social media analytics at least twice a week to know what’s working best for you and what’s not. Studying your social media analytics will also help you to identify your best performing post so that you can curate more content like that.

Sticking to this checklist will take you one step closer to your goal daily. You will also be able to improve your social media performance and achieve a more consistent result. The checklist will help you to thrive online, and this will help to build a successful online business.


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