8 Content Ideas For Engaging Social Media Feeds

Looking for ways to share unique, creative, and compelling content across your social media channels? You’re not alone.

Creative block is a well-known experience for social media managers. Coming up with fresh content ideas when you have to post consistently on multiple platforms can be challenging. But it is the fresh ideas and quality content that attracts and retains viewers. Providing values consistently, gets your audience excited in advance for what’s to come. This, in turn, makes them more likely to engage with your posts and maybe even become a customer.

Research has shown that people on social media, either want to be entertained or educated and most times they want to experience both. We have also figured that content idea generation is a major issue for social media managers and this article aims to address the problem. With the pointers we’ll be listed below, You’ll know what to write for each social platform and never find yourself staring at a blank content calendar again. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.


Posting quotes is a great way to emphasize important points in your articles. Also, you can use them for sharing tips, advice, and insights from key people in your company. Instagram and Pinterest are popular for these types of posts, but they can be considered for any platform that works with visuals.

2. Client Feedbacks/Reviews

Feedbacks tend to go a long way in convincing prospects and passersby that they’re in safe hands. Gather feedback from your clients and share them on your social media pages. The more positive feedback and testimonials you have to share, the better. If some clients give negative feedback, those don’t have to be shared online. Instead, you should use their complaints to improve on your services so the next feedback they share will be a positive one.

You can use Adobe Spark or A Design Kit to create a visual way to share your feedback. If your clients are willing to make short videos about their experience with your brand, that’s the Holy Grail of feedback. So you should encourage satisfied clients to make short videos.

3. Behind The Scene Looks

Share a little bit about what you do with your followers to keep them interested. Upload videos showcasing office or workplace events to your social media profiles. Provide your followers with a glimpse into your creative process, whether it’s a look at a product getting packaged to ship or a peek at an event in progress.

Behind-the-scene photos and videos help humanize your business and make people feel more connected to the brand. This will, in turn, push your business to the top of their mind as the go-to brand when they need to purchase goods or services your business offers.

4. Tips & Tricks

Your social media accounts should include tips and tricks that may be helpful to people learning about your product or service. Creating visual tutorials can be done in a variety of ways, from live videos to pre-recorded videos.

TikTok is best for short videos, while Instagram Stories is best for content with a mix of photos and videos. If you need a few panels to help you convey your point. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram’s IGTV feature are all options for longer videos. 

Sharing useful tips and tricks positions you as an industry leader and helps foster trust between you and your audience.

5. User-Generated Contents

Your content doesn’t always have to come from you. Leverage your satisfied customers any chance you get. Ask them to create a social media post with your product, and tag you. You, in return, get to repost this content and give them credit. This way, you get fresh content from your happy customers, and when you repost their content on your page, you make them feel special by indirectly telling them their post was worthy enough to be featured on your page. And of course, you’re going to tag them in the post. It’s a win-win scenario.

6. Contests & Giveaways

Host a contest or giveaway on your social media channels to reward your followers and gain new ones. Engage your audience by sharing a condition for entry or comment, and you may gain new followers as your contest is spread through family and friends.

Moreover, these posts are also an effective method of promoting new products and services. Before you run a contest or giveaway, familiarize yourself with the legal requirements.

7. GIFs/Memes.

GIFs are dynamic, which allows them to show off details and motion that static photos simply can’t. The animation allows for a great opportunity to highlight a key function or feature of your product.  Memes on the other hand are static, but what differentiates them from regular pictures is that elements in a meme are deliberately brought together to pass a message. Memes are a great way to convert learning and fun. You can get people to learn and laugh at the same time.

While GIFs and memes are really good for social media, always ensure you understand what  GIF or Meme is truly saying before posting it on social media. Don’t post gifs or memes that are offensive. To be on the safe side, consider creating your memes and GIFs from scratch. This way, you can control the meaning at any point of usage.

8. Holiday Greetings

In addition to traditional holidays, find ways to connect fun occasions and celebrations like Valentine’s Day, International Women’s day, and more to your brand to create more engaging and timely content. This tells people that you’re well informed and well capable of leveraging times and seasons.

Alright, that was the last of them. It’s time to get to work! While the pointers listed above can help you go a long way, you’ll be able to go even farther by using social media tools. These tools can help you schedule, publish, engage your audience, as well as monitor relevant conversations across your channels. For a token, you can also get access to our Social Media Bank of Contents.


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