Social Media Content Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Posting consistently sounds like an easy task until you run out of content ideas after a couple of days. In order to help ensure that your streak of consistency is not broken, we’ve put together some content ideas to help you stay relevant on your social media accounts.

SHARE HOW-TO TUTORIALS: This type of content is effective and works on all social media platforms. ‘How-to’ content helps to drive maximum engagement and also establish you as an expert in your niche. It could be a quick video tutorial to guide your followers on how to use your products or hacks for better productivity for professionals around your niche… but whatever you choose to share, ensure that your language is clear, and your video quality is superb.

SHOW OFF AND APPRECIATE PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOUR BRAND: Giving customers the spotlight can be a plus for your brand. Appreciate your followers, customers and top fans. This will make them feel loved and stay glued to your page. It can either be done once or multiple times in a month depending on what you’d prefer. You could also throw in some discount deals for your customers in the process.

TAKE THEM BEHIND THE SCENE: This is another amazing way to humanize your brand. You can give your audience a video or photo tour of your company and workspace, or a sneak peek of what you have been up to. This type of content helps to forge a better connection with your followers. you can also decide to go live for your behind the scene session and upload the replay afterwards on your feed.

SHARE REVIEWS AND TESTIMONIAL: Feedback from existing customers can help you win the trust of potential customers. Such reviews and testimonials will help to clear their doubts about the authenticity of your products and services. Pictures, written testimonials and videos of people using your products can help a lot in this case.

RUN A QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION:  This type of content helps you to build and maintain the relationship between you and your followers. It is designed in such a way that followers can ask any question about your brand in which you are expected to provide answers to swiftly. The more of their questions you answer, the more your chances of getting them to patronize you will be.

CREATE POST-SERIES: A post-series are particular strings of content that are unique to your brand. The series has to be consistent, intriguing, and exciting so the audience can thirst for more. Post-series are usually indefinite, with such post appearing on a particular day of the week or every fortnight depending on what works best for your audience. Your post series can be interviews with influencers or experts in your niche or educative posts about your niche. For your audience to easily identify such posts in your news feed, they need to be properly branded. Proper branding also helps protect your content from pirates and copycats.

CELEBRATE YOUR MILESTONES AND WINS: Celebrating milestones usually does two things for a brand,

(a) It serves as a social proof for the potential audience that your brand is worthy to look out for.

(b) It also shows existing fans that they are investing their time and attention in a thriving brand and not a failing one. 

Some examples of milestones you can celebrate are; awards won, brand anniversary, followership growth, new business ventures, etc.

RUN CONTESTS AND GIVEAWAYS: This is a widely known method to get a massive number of visits and engagement on your social media pages. It works best when you are willing to spend a lot of money, or already have a bank of loyal followers that’ll engage and share. So, while this method might work, it doesn’t really guarantee the type of growth your business needs and should be kept as a last resort to boost engagement.

You can run your giveaway once or twice in a month, depending on how much you’re willing to spend.


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