The 3 Ps Of Content Creation

In modern marketing, the focus has shifted from the good old attention-grabbing model to advertising for the sole purpose of creating and delivering quality content that builds trust. 

Basically, modern-day marketers have learned that the best way to command your customer’s patronage is to first get them to trust and feel comfortable with your brand.

Content marketing has become such an important part of modern-day marketing because this form of marketing is focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. There’s a lot that goes into effective content marketing, including but not limited to setting goals, researching your target audience, choosing the right arsenal, Content curation, distribution, etc. 

Oftentimes, marketers jump into creating content for marketing without following due process – This is why it’s no surprise some marketers produce poor quality content. This statement is a wake-up call! It’s a noisy world out there! for your content to leave a mark, it needs to be able to filter through the noise to reach your target audience.

Making Your Content Stand Out

Many articles discuss the benefits of creating personas for your target audience and creating content for them across their buying cycle. However, we would also like to emphasize the importance of the 3 Ps of content creation, which are: Punctuation, Polish, and Power.


This term is used to describe the value of a well-constructed story that serves the purpose of the content producer. Do you recall watching a short video from a brand and wonder what was the point? The same can be said for written content.

It seems a waste of time to read an article over 1000 words that do not clearly communicate valuable points. Whatever content you produce, be it written articles, videos, infographics, etc., must communicate value. For this to happen, your content needs to be grammatically structured. The main point should be well explained, summarized, and introduced in the classic style.


Today, we live in a fast-paced and highly competitive world. It takes an average user less than five seconds to decide whether they want to stay or leave a page they are visiting online (desktop or mobile). Whether you like it or not, image matters a lot.

Your visitors’ engagement depends on how your contents are polished.

Even before consuming your content, a visitor is subconsciously dictated by the appearance of your content. That means all elements of your content need to be properly polished. The images you choose, their sizes, resolutions, and placement all matter. So does the layout, formatting, and overall presentation of your content.

If you think because your content might be targeted to technically savvy consumers who (presumably) don’t care about the polish, you’re mistaken. The first impression of your content is important enough to keep the visitors engaged long enough to consume it beyond the headline. You only have five seconds to convert a first-time visitor into a returning consumer. Make them count!


Creating powerful content is closely connected to punctuation, yet distinct enough to merit its own “P.” Each piece of content you create must be resonant. Although a 500-word blog post does not have to revolutionize your industry, it should have an impact on the reader.

You can measure the power of your content by asking if it caused the reader to think differently about a topic. This doesn’t mean that you must change someone’s opinion on a topic merely helping readers better understand a specific topic is a feature of powerful content.

Creating content according to the Three Ps is as close to a formulaic approach as one can get to what is not considered a science. However, maybe this is the right time to recognize that marketing has, in fact, become a science.

We’re always here if you need us to create awesome high-quality content for your brand. If you love this article, you should come back for our next article on the ways to source and create quality Instagram content. You can also drop in the comment section topics you’ll like us to talk about. 

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