Top 4 Skills For Social Media Management

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As an entrepreneur, managing your online presence requires a wide range of skills which allows you to create engaging content that converts visitors into loyal followers and paying customers. 

Social media management consists of activities such as: 

  • Creating engaging content, 
  • Scheduling and publishing content, as well as
  • Analyzing, and or engaging with content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Owning a remarkable social media page is vital in helping to craft a brand’s online appearance. If you’re planning to take your social media page to the next level, here are the top 4 skills for Social Media Management you need to master.

#1. Copywriting

Writing attractive and engaging copies is one of the primary criteria for running a successful social media page. Each social media platform has its unique style of writing, but one thing that matters no matter what platform you’re on is that your content has to be engaging and compelling.

As a social media manager, every line of your copy must be aimed at getting the reader to read the next until the next line is the last line. To build your copywriting skills, you must learn to write short, compelling, and attractive headlines, but above all, make sure you’re writing in a simple and easy to understand language.

#2. Customer service

In recent times, prospective customers prefer to first reach out to brands through their social media platforms before going on to make a purchase. 

Your social media platforms act as your customer’s offsite access-points to your brand. The first experience they get from your social media will determine whether they will buy or not, so you need to learn how to:

  • Effectively communicate with customers, 
  • Quickly deescalate issues and 
  • Build trust with customers.

This may sound like a complicated affair, but it’s all about being conscious and mindful of your customer’s needs. You have to remember to respond to your customers the same way you’d want to be responded to and treat them with equal respect. If you want them to hear from you, you have to be willing to hear from them, too. 

#3. Creativity

One of the vital skills for social media management is the ability to create attractive and captivating visual content. Research shows that visual contents like images and videos have more engagements than those with plain texts. 

Go crazy with videos, memes, and GIFs. Don’t stick with the traditional text-oriented content. If you cannot afford the high-end professional tools to make that happen, smartphones nowadays can do so much more than making calls or playing music and videos. There are several tools available online that can make this part of social media management easier, explore, and get the best ones suitable for you. 

#4. Research

The digital media is a non-static and ever-changing world. New updates are introduced over time which makes it a necessity for individuals managing social media accounts to stay up-to-date, but if you are not on the lookout for updates, you wouldn’t find them. Be deliberate about keeping up with trends and the latest updates to keep your pages at the top of the mind of your viewers. Digital tools can also be used to get alerts on popular topics, latest trends, and updates around your niche.


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