6 Types Of #bbnaija Supporters

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Undoubtedly the most anticipated period of the year for many Nigerians home and abroad, Big Brother Naija is here again. Guaranteed to be the talk of the town for next 90 days and beyond, housemates are trending round the clock on social media. As I write this, #NengiCamePrepared is trending on twitter. While catching up online with #BBNAIJA Lockdown Season 5, you will come across 5 types of supporters:

The Die-hard Supporters

These are the loyal fans of a particular housemate. They spend the whole day updating their followers about their favorite. They don’t mind changing their usernames or display picture to reflect who they are supporting. They stick with their favorite housemate, win or lose. They are the ghost managers in charge of fan pages or parody accounts on social media.

When it is time to vote, they don’t mind spending their last kobo to keep their favorite housemate in the house. If the housemate doesn’t win, they are also the ones that will keep on rooting for them online and offline.

The Silent Supporters

Just for their sanity, these set of people stay off all the bbnaija drama on social media but vote so hard to keep their favorites in the house. They can’t afford to miss any hot gist or trend about big brother Naija but you won’t see any bbnaija updates on their social media accounts.

The WhatsApp Reporters

They are the ones who keep their WhatsApp contacts updated whenever something hot is happening in the house.  Updates in form of videos, pictures, texts or screenshots are what they share throughout the duration of the reality show. Once you have about two or three WhatsApp reporters, you don’t need a TV to watch bbnaija.

The Photo-Journalists

Wondering how you see housemate pictures as memes? They are the ones in charge. These supporters do not care about the games or who is winning, what they are concerned about is to get savage pictures and videos then make them trend in little or no time. Their camera is always on standby to capture any intriguing moment in the house.

The Follow-Follow

They don’t watch the show or know much about the housemates. Their decision on who to support is influenced by the viral picture or image they see online. They are the confused supporters. When it is time to vote, you won’t see them. They are the ones who also support the most popular housemate.

The Match-Makers

You already know what they do, right? They share loved up moments of the housemates and match-make them. They are usually down when their favorite couple quarrel in the house and hyped when the couples end up in a relationship after the reality show. Trust me, when it is time for ‘aso-ebi’ they will buy and turn up.

Which category do you belong?

May the best housemate win.


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